Friday, February 4

Evil Vodaphone pro-dictator company

Have you heard what Vodafone just did? After helping the Egyptian Government to shut down the country's internet connection for 5 days, Vodafone then sent millions of their Egyptian customers a pro-dictator text message calling on "every honest citizen to preserve this country as the nation is forever."

This story is hurting Vodafone's reputation, and they are scrambling to make good. Now, as innocent civilians are being killed in the streets, we must draw a line in the sand and tell Vodafone that its support for the regime must come to an immediate end.

Our friends at are collecting petition signatures to urgently deliver to Vodafone's CEO, shareholders, and their vulnerable board. Can you join them in demanding Vodafone put their customers and human rights above profits and the repugnant demands of repressive regimes:

  • Wikileaks Julian Assange streaming live in one hour - also action over Voafone's actions in Egypt - GetUp (
  • Wikileaks latest update. LIVE

    The Wikileaks saga has transfixed the world, with politicians and punters alike stunned by the intriguing revelations from the leaked US embassy cables. At 6pm (AEDST) today Julian Assange, Wikileak's founder, will speak via videolink to Australians at an event in Federation Square, Melbourne.

    The man Sarah Palin said should be hunted as a terrorist and whose activities Julia Gillard pre-emptively judged as "illegal" is at the centre of the debate over freedom of speech. You can watch him speak on an internet video stream at 6pm here.

    With only 4 days before Assange faces court on extradition charges, this could be one of the only chances to hear directly from the man at the centre of the Wikileaks controversy. So bookmark the page, set an alarm, and join us at 6pm tonight (Melbourne time):

    Hope you can join us,
    The GetUp Team

    Saturday, August 28

    Paradise Plant Centre Gold Coast

    Today, everyone who lodged an objection to the Material Change of Use application for this site received correspondence from the GCCC outlining their final decision.  Objectors now have the option of appealing this decision to the Planning Court.   We personally do not plan any further action.

    In the correspondence are details of the Council's requirements to this developer - 21 units, underground parking, two storeys in the front, three at the back, parking, landscaping and so on.   The developer has said that this is not financially viable.   We plan to wait and see what happens.  The developer can take the decision to the Planning Court but we would hope that, if this happens,  the Council would be prepared to defend their position.  Verbally, the owner has indicated the site will now be sold.